Mathcad Mechanical Engineering Library

Mathcad Mechanical Engineering Library 14.0

This Library contain a rich collection of Mehanical Engineering problems
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Mathcad Mechanical Engineering Library is an set of help files for the MathCAD program.
The program is actually really good, very easy to use. The equations can be insterted and evaluated just like you draw on a paper. Unlike Matlab, this software does all the calculations in a graphical manner. You can easily view a matrix in its form, and the equations of integration and differentiation too. So, it is better than Matlab in one way. But lack of features is a major drawback of this program.

Mathcad Mechanical Engineering Library is very rich in its contents. It has a couple of help files \ ebooks. Many important mechanical engineering problems are described in it. It is really easy to understand and study even for a beginner in the subject. Pulley and gear loads on shafts, selection of keys for machine shafts, horsepower rating of gears, planetary gear system, etc are some examples. This is its main plus point. Everyting is described in detail with all the required equations and diagrams .But the price is really high according to me.

Zack Martin
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  • Less Features
  • High price
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